Over the last two decades, civil war has brought northern regions of Uganda to its knees. Sports Outreach has been working in northern Uganda since 1999 in a city called Gulu and surrounding villages.  After the turmoil experienced through 20 years of war, the community needed to be restored.

”Our vision for northern Uganda is to bring Christ in a more practical way.  So the people can experience the healing hand of God, the compassionate hand of God, and that they can be restored, spiritually, psychologically, physically, emotionally.” –  Aloysius Kyazze, first Sports Outreach missionary to Gulu.

The major ministry in Gulu is the Good News Community Center at Koro Training Farm, established in 2005.   Through involvement on the farm, people are growing in their independence and contributing to building healthy communities in which they live.  The Good News Community Center is also home to the New Foundations Community Church, which provides spiritual development as well as one-on-one discipleship training.  

Along with Gulu, Sports Outreach staff serve in four villages surrounding Gulu: Lajwatek, Pugwini, Lapinloyo, and Lugutu.  Sports Outreach ministry programs have been established in these communities and the staff continue to reach into other remote villages around Gulu.