Watch the documentary of Robert Katende, “A Fork, A Spoon and a Knight” directed by Mira Nair.

Robert Katende is 30+ years old. He and his wife Sarah have three daughters, Mercy, Hope and Queen. Robert is an engineer by profession specializing in Civil, IT & Computer engineering. He grew up in the Slums of Kampala in Uganda, but miraculously worked his way to the university and escaped the vicious cycle of the Slum-life.

Robert lives in Kampala Uganda and is currently working with Sports Outreach. Robert chose to use Chess as a tool to nature, mentor and disciple people, especially vulnerable children living on streets and in slums. He uses sports as a way to encourage, inspire and better their lives. He is the Director of Sports Outreach in Uganda; an organization whose headquarters are in Lynchburg Virginia.

Robert initiated and conducts Chess programs in the Slums of Kampala as well as in Gulu; the Northern part of Uganda that was severely shattered by Kony and the LRA rebels.

These programs have nurtured and given opportunities to street children the likes of Phiona Mutesi who has become the first Woman Candidate Master in the history of Uganda.