This morning we were so lucky to have the opportunity to spend some time on the water in Wrightsville Beach with the Talley family.  It was amazing how once you stepped on the boat everyone seemed to just relax.  No emails, no set programs, no place to be, just sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful homes along the water and ocean breeze.  It was the perfect treat for this point in the trip.  Aaron and Faith brought their boys along who were unbelievably sweet and fun, they showed Robert their casting net they use to fish and shared the secret that going fast on the boat is much better than slow! We stopped at a restaurant along the water and everyone had  dessert for lunch, from plain vanilla ice cream to the largest piece of key lime pie we have ever seen, various cheesecake, and a honking piece of bread pudding.  The morning went by too fast and we just thank the Talley family for everything while we were in Wilmington, the dinner was a great success in meeting new friends and the boat ride was the exact relaxing “therapy” we all needed.




After saying our goodbyes and of course capturing some photos, we piled in the car for the drive to Norfolk.  Again though, everyone was just on a different level, it was easy, no pressure, just relaxed, we took turns napping, looking at the scenery, enjoying the calm.  We arrived in Norfolk to our hotel where we all camped out until a little later and then walked a few blocks for a light meal before retiring to our rooms for rest.



Tomorrow we will have an easy morning before meeting at Granby Elementary at 1:00 to have an interview with The Christian Broadcasting Network followed by time with the Granby Chess Program.  One added bonus to this particular chess program is that two of its members happen to be Rodneys oldest grandsons!  Tomorrow will be a great day and will end with us all in Lynchburg!