We are so blessed to have met the Deweese family and that they have opened their home to us, they seem to know just the right pace for our final few days of the trip.  This morning we woke up to a wonderful breakfast before heading to Vienna Presbyterian for worship.  They were having their Youth Sunday and asked Phiona to offer the prayer at all three services.  Sue Hamblen the head of missions at Vienna helped guide us around and had arranged for Robert, Phiona and Tim to sign books in between services; in addition they were given the opportunity to share at a “boxed lunch” after the 11 o’clock service.  The church was very welcoming and seemed to really enjoy hearing their story and know that it is a story that their church supports and has helped in different ways; Very encouraging time.  Added bonus was that Tim Crothers was there with his friend Candace, the same teacher who helped start the chess club at Glendale Elementary in Chapel Hill.  This gave Tim an opportunity to share the story from his perspective of the past, the present and how it has affected him personally.

After church, we were able to all go take a nap, spend some quality time with the Deweese family and kick our feet up before going to dinner at Stacey and Sue Hamblen’s home.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship with new friends, sharing stories and getting to know one another better.  Stacey and Sue were so incredibly welcoming to open their home for a relaxing, casual evening.  It has been great to slow things down and really enjoy the final days with one another as we all prepare to travel home on Wednesday.