Today is the day, Robert and Phiona have been here for five weeks and are more than ready to go home to see family and Job has been here 10 months so I think we can all imagine how badly he misses his family.  This trip has been incredible, the lives that they have all touched and the people that they have been able to share their story with who would normally never have heard it is all God’s work.

Robert and Phiona have spoken across the US and have met so many new friends and people.  We want to especially thank The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who were the initial decision to bring them back to the US for their third time and paid for their airfare to and from Uganda.  The friends they have made we all hope will continue to stay in touch and work together and maybe even get them over to Uganda one day!

It is crazy to think back that April 18 marked the beginning of this journey in Portland, OR followed by Seattle, Santa Barbara, Greenwich, Bronxville, NYC, Memphis, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Norfolk, Lynchburg, Charlotte, Cary/Apex and Washington, DC.  WOW, I am tired just trying to remember all of those places, how those two trooped across the US sometimes only staying in places one night at a time.

I think it is safe to say everyone is worn out and we all need to get some sleep so please check back tomorrow for special notes and news on Robert, Phiona and Job’s safe travels.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support this journey however that may have looked to you.  We hope you will continue to follow the for chess updates and future stories of the many other great stories that are growing out of this program!