Robert and Phiona are in Norway!!  Robert and Phiona just never stop going, if they aren’t playing chess here its there or they are on a plane across the world and back.  Who can keep track these days!  So the latest is they are at the Olympiad and are adjusting to the 23 hours of daylight and the cooler temperature while she is also feeling out her competition!  She has already played three games which resulted in the first game a loss and the second two wins! She and Robert are staying focused along with the rest of her team and are taking all the opportunities they can to practice but still have plenty of rest and getting to meet fellow players and make new friends!


They will be in Norway for one more week before they head back to Uganda for only a month and half and then they will be BACK in the US to share at a conference hosted by ONE and Google.  It doesn’t stop there either with their constant schedule; just since they have been in Norway, The Christian Broadcasting Network aired a 12 minute feature on the two of them, talking about Phiona’s story and the work Robert has been doing through Chess.  They were interviewed this past Spring while Robert and Phiona were in the States touring and since CBN has worked very hard compiling other footage and information to make a wonderful piece.  You may watch the entire feature here.

It really is truly amazing how far their story reaches whether they are in Uganda, the US, Norway or any other country or continent.  We can’t wait to share how Phiona finished out at the Olympiad, but in the mean time please follow her on Facebook or Twitter for updates!