What is PlayPhiona.Com?

PlayPhiona.com is a free website for you to learn how to play chess, practice playing chess with the computer as well as other chess players and more importantly, we have prizes for you to win.

FAQ on PlayPhiona.Com


Who sponsored the PlayPhiona website? Is this an authentic website?
This website is a joint effort between SOM Chess Academy, Chess Prize and Chess4Life

What are the prizes available for winning?
Autographed Chess Boards, Autographed Books, Movie DVDs and T-shirts

Who is eligible for prizes?
Everybody who finishes the 4 levels of challenges is eligible to participate in our online tournament where the challengers will play each other via a round-robin basis tournament. We will determine the winners of the prizes during the tournament.

Who is eligible to play against Phiona in person?
Everybody who finishes the 4 levels of challenges and also participated in the final online tournament is automatically entered into a lucky draw to play Phiona in person.

Must I win all challenges to be eligible?
No, we encourage you to practice and play hard like Phiona did. We have a lot of chess challenges for you to attempt, but you are not required to win all of them to be eligible for prizes and the final meet and greet Play Phiona game.

When and where will the final meet and greet Play Phiona tournament be hosted?
January 2017 – Seattle, WA

Will transportation and accommodations be provided to the winners?
All travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant. 

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For further information or questions please contact Chess4Life.

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