It is not often that we get to meet one of our heroes or inspirations. And often times when we do it ends up being a disappointment.

Yesterday Phiona and Robert met their chess hero Garry Kasperov! A restaurant was closed to the public and a film crew set up to record the meeting. Phiona was informed of the meeting a few minutes before it was to take place.

After a few nervous moments waiting Mr. Kasperov arrived – and it was amazing. His kindness and compassion were evident from the beginning as he presented Phiona with a book he had written and talked of his admiration for her. He was so humble – even after he beat her in a friendly match. After the match he signed the board as a souvenir for Phiona and gave her a 45-minute chess lesson.

Mr. Kasperov also spent some time encouraging Robert and thanking him for his passion to help others through chess. Kasperov has visited South Africa and told Robert that he was most interested in chess being used to develop “Champions in life, not just champions of the board!” I think Kasperov knew he was preaching to the choir but what an encouragement to all of us.

Kasperov is interested in helping get coaches and trainers for Robert and the Sports Outreach program and will work with others to accomplish this!

Please check out the links below for more images and video of this amazing day in the life of Robert and Phiona! God is so good.

Phiona meets Garry Kasperov (click here for article)

Phiona meets Garry Kasperov (click here for video)

*Please note that due to a need for more video footage and time for editing, Phiona will not be named the “Person of the Week” tonight on the ABC Evening News with Diane Sawyer as previously reported.  She will be given this honor next Friday, April 12.