Philadelphia was a great place to officially end our time up North, it was a very quick trip but it was a great day!  Today was so full but never felt it; the day was run so smoothly and that is largely due to Justin doing such a great job organizing everything.  We started out with the Philly ASAP all girls chess tournament this morning that was hosted at Drexel University.  Robert and Phiona were able to share at the start of the tournament about their story and what Phiona’s plans are, just really encourage the girls to not let anything stop them!

During the actual tournament we snuck out and headed to Samuel B. Huey to share with a few students that are interested in Chess. Principal Spencer had a wonderful talk with the students before introducing a video for Phiona and then Justin to help lead the conversation with Robert and Phiona.  The students were so respectful and asked some great questions about a wide range of things.  Kept it interesting and the smaller group helps with the actual interaction with students.

It was a quick visit, but great to get in before getting back over to Drexel.  However, Justin did make sure we made a stop at a Philly Food Truck right outside the schools.  Between a philly cheesesteak, rice, beef and chicken, everyone had their fill and walked into the tournament with full bellies and an experience!  Robert and Phiona were asked to help give out the awards to each child, their smiles went from ear to ear!  It was wonderful to see how many children in the tournament actually get trophies and the interaction they had with Robert and Phiona.

Well, the tournament ended and Greg Shahade, brother to Jen who gave Phiona a lesson last time they were here, met us at the hotel for a lesson.  What a generous kind person, they played and worked on a few things before walking them to Barnes and Noble.  Greg found a few chess books for Phiona specifically and some beginner books to help the other children home in Uganda.   Great time, great experience!

Finally, the day came to an end with beautiful weather and a walk down a couple of blocks to a fun Mexican restaurant with Justin.  But of course, there was ice cream in the end!  It was a wonderful day filled with so many new memories and great experiences.  Philly was definitely a great city to end the time in the North before officially making it to the South before they head home in just a week and a half!

Tomorrow morning we do fly to NC and will be enjoying an evening fundraising event with friends in Wilmington.  We hope you will check back tomorrow for more updates!

***Also as a side, all Memphis pictures have been added below.  We hope you will take the time to scroll through and try to see what amazing people we were blessed to spend time with. ***