We made it to Philly!  Today we traveled to Philadelphia after having a final breakfast with Kaki and John Crews and Dr. B!  It was incredibly sad to say goodbye, so instead we said see you soon!  I think everyone had a different pull, but a pull on their heart while in that city.  From the history to the sights, good and bad, to the people, we will miss Memphis!

With all that said, we are still very excited to be in Philly to hangout with the Philly ASAP program tomorrow for their three round tournament at Drexel University.  Immediately when we arrived at the hotel, Justin from Philly ASAP greeted us to present Robert and Phiona with a few snacks and a staple of Philadelphia, soft pretzels!  I believe it is safe to say the basket was well received!  After chatting for a bit, we all separated to lay low and relax before a very busy day tomorrow!  In addition to the tournament, Phiona will also receive a lesson from Jen Shahade’s brother, the woman who gave her a lesson last time she was in Philly!  After that a nice afternoon and time to hangout and catch up with Justin from Philly ASAP.

Check back tomorrow for, we hope, all the pictures from Memphis and of course pictures from our day in Philly!