We are back in North Carolina today!  We started by heading to Chapel Hill to hang out with Tim Crothers to have lunch and then check out the chess program at his children’s school, Glenwood Elementary.  The amazing thing about the chess program is that it started over a year ago after the last visit from Robert and Phiona to Tim’s oldest son’s class.  Tim headed it up and by the end of last year all 20 kids in the class were playing and now they have the 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd grade classes involved!  Tim shared that they meet every Friday and they actually have to divide up the groups because there are so many kids!  What a great problem, right?!  Tim even arranged so that we were able to make a special stop into his daughters class, which is full of children who will be able to begin the chess program next year!  All of the children responded so well and they asked some great questions!  Of course it was also so nice for Robert and Phiona to have that special time with Tim to catch up and visit.

After the school visit we headed a little further south to Charlotte to share at Steele Creek Church.  Steele Creek did not know much about Sports Outreach or Phiona so this was very exciting to be able to not just share the vision of Sports Outreach but also have someone who has been influenced so greatly by SOI there to share.  David and Sal even traveled down from Lynchburg to bring their knowledge and child sponsorship information to share.   Very exciting news is that there are now two new children who will be sponsored, Wilson and Solomon!  Yay!  Overall it was a great evening, full of old friends, like “Whitey” who heads up Project658 here in Charlotte to a lot of new friends!

We want to offer a huge thank you to Tim Crothers for hosting us this afternoon and Steele Creek Baptist for the wonderful evening and opportunity to share tonight.  Tomorrow we will head to Cary, NC to share at Salem Middle School followed by dinner and sharing at a Blitz Tournament.  It will be a long day but we pray another great day!