Today was spent in Greenwich, CT.  We had a wonderful relaxing morning and breakfast at the Korn home before going to the Greenwich Academy for Girls, the school that Drew and Hunter Korn attend.  Phiona and Robert were shown around the campus before first sharing with the lower school and then the middle school. For the lower school it was much more informal and the kids had great questions, for example is there a tooth fairy in Uganda?  Robert and Phiona explained there is, but it is slightly different than the story we tell here in the US.  In Uganda, you put your tooth under your pillow and a RAT comes and takes it in exchange for a coin! Which story do you like better?  The lower school was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to enjoy it just as much as Robert and Phiona!



Next up they moved to the auditorium where Hunter was able to do an introduction of Robert and Phiona and she did a fantastic job!  Robert and Phiona shared their story and were able to take more questions from the girls.  Hunter then presented Robert and Phiona with a very nice gift from the school.  After the assembly finished, they were given the opportunity to go to a 3rd grade class and have another question and answer time and also play chess with some of the girls that wanted to.  It was such a nice school, beautiful campus, wonderful staff and great students!



Drew, Phiona and Hunter


Sharing with the 3rd graders


When we left the school, Sunil Weeramantry from the National Scholastic Chess Foundation and also the chess coach at Greenwich Academy for Girls, gave Phiona a lesson on “openings.”  She said he was a great teacher, she learned a lot and really enjoyed her time with him.



The Korn family also had organized a small get together for people to come and meet Phiona and Robert and allow them to share a little bit about what they are doing and their story. After Robert and Phiona finished, Hunter had a very special gift for them; Hunter  just recently had her Bar Mitzvah and instead of gifts she asked for donations to the SOI chess program.  She presented Robert and Phiona with a $15,000 check, it left them both, speechless.  Robert said there were no words to describe how he felt at that moment.  It was a wonderful evening!  To close out the night,  Betsy had ordered Sushi because earlier in the day Robert had told her he had never tried it.  After a few funny looks and questioning if you take in one bite or two, he went for it, and….he liked it!! So, we may be moving away from chicken and fries and on to Sushi!




IMG_1496-800x533 IMG_1513



Tomorrow Phiona will be able to have another lesson from Sunil before sharing at a school and then having dinner at another home here in Greenwich.

Please check the photos page for more pictures as the trip continues!