As soon as we entered Virginia we will have to exit it!  Sunday night we drove to Norfolk to rest up for a taping  with the Christian Broadcasting Network on Monday.  The morning was so relaxing, everyone was able to sleep in, enjoy the water, just slow down a bit before taping started at 1pm.  We checked out of the hotel and made a quick stop at Doumar’s, a staple if you visit Norfolk.  They have the best ice cream/milkshakes around!  It was the first time Robert and Phiona had the pleasure of pulling up in your car and having someone walk out to you, take your order and bring your food out on the tray that sits in your window!



The taping for CBN took place at Granby Elementary.  The principal, Mr. Cumberbatch-Smith, aka Mr. C. was an incredibly gracious host.  He offered his office for taping all afternoon and allowed CBN to tape outside the building on the campus and sports fields.  After taping wrapped up we all headed inside to join the chess team.  As soon as they walked in the kids were excited, Mr. C. had been talking to the kids about Phiona and Robert for WEEKS announced all the kids!  Needless to say, they had lots of questions, but the most popular, will you play me?  So, without hesitation they lined up the boards, Robert took three on and Phiona played four, the children were ecstatic!  Those who weren’t playing were getting in close so they could watch and listen while still asking various questions.  Luckily Robert and Phiona are great at multi-tasking!  After an hour or so, chess club started winding down, and so did we!

As we left the school, Dr. Bowman from Norfolk State University met us in the parking lot to drop off school supplies.  He met Robert and Phiona over a year ago when they were last in the area and started collecting various supplies for them.  It was very humbling to see the amount he had collected and that he had worked so diligently the past year to gather them.  After a brief visit it was time to jump back in the car and head to Lynchburg for relaxation, laundry, little bit of work and prepping for the final leg of this journey!

Robert and Phiona were hosted by Tim and Beth Groover, an amazing couple who opened their home and also coordinated a time for Phiona to have her eyes examined on Tuesday and get a fresh set of glasses ordered!  Robert and Phiona really enjoyed the ease of the schedule and were even able to stop in at the Sports Outreach office to visit with the staff and a few friends that also swung by for a visit.  After awhile of hanging out and meeting some of the newcomers in the office, they headed back out with Groovers to soak up a little more relaxation!

Virginia was too quick but it served us all well.  We will head back to North Carolina tomorrow morning.  First stop will be Chapel Hill for lunch with Tim Crothers and visiting his children’s school chess program before heading to Charlotte.  Steele Creek Baptist Church in Charlotte will be hosting Robert and Phiona to share at their Wednesday evening service.  This event will be open to the public so if you are in the area we hope you will come by and hear the story in person!