**First, let me start with an apology, we have had a few issues with the website over the past few days so we are very sorry the updates have not been posting.  But, we hope you will get all caught up with “Keepin the Tires Rolling” and “Old Friends, New Friends” to hear more about our time Charlotte, NC.**

We made it to Vienna, VA today for the final leg of the this five week journey in the US.  It has been a long few weeks but Robert and Phiona have become quite the public speakers!  We added one very special person to our crew, Job who is Aloysius’ son from Uganda.  Job has just finished his freshman year in a school in West Virginia where he was staying with The Fox family.

The morning started with a great farewell breakfast at the Original Pancake house with the Wise family and also the Groovers joined us.  It was great to have a few extra minutes to say goodbye to everyone.  We then jumped in the car for our first stop in Richmond, VA!  This was a great experience, where our good friend Tom Barilla and his wife Elizabeth arranged for us to meet at Outdoor World, and that was an experience.  Tom enjoyed showing them around the store and leading them to the shooting range!  Robert jumped right in, but Phiona chose to stay in the background and oversee, make sure Robert didn’t hurt anyone.  It was a great break in the 7 hour drive and in addition to having The Barilla family, Ben Behrendt, and Katherine Nott and her two girls joined us as well.  So thank you to all of you for the wonderful break and an unforgettable experience at Outdoor World in Richmond!

Again, it was time to get back in the car and finish the two hour drive.  We all hopped in and got it done, we met Tim Crothers at his hotel for some snacks and nice visit before finishing at our host family’s home.  The DeWeese family has been so gracious to open their home to us and we look forward to getting to know them better over the next few days.

Tomorrow is Youth Sunday at Vienna Presbyterian, a church that has supported Sports Outreach for a number of years and they have invited Phiona to offer the prayer in the service.  Following the service there will a box lunch and time for Robert and Phiona to share their story.  We are looking forward to another wonderful day and are starting to countdown the days until we will sadly send Robert, Phiona and Job home to Uganda!