Today was the last day in Santa Barbara and it was a great day but a sad one, this is a very hard place to leave.  This weekend has been filled with lots of relaxing, laughing, catching up with old fiends and just being “home” for Robert and Phiona.  They love being at the Popp’s home and here in Santa Barbara and it is very clear Santa Barbara loves having them!  Saturday started with NO alarm clock, just sleep until you wake up!  Then Robert and Phiona headed to Westmont College to speak to the board of Sports Outreach briefly, while they were on campus they were able to make a detour by the women’s soccer team!  The soccer team had been to Uganda just one year prior so it was great to have a few extra minutes to visit.


That night at Westmont they showed the movie, Frozen outside, with all you can eat candy and popcorn!!  It got down to 60’s so Robert and Phiona had to bundle up tight while the movie played but it did not stop them from having a great time with everyone!


On Sunday they went to Santa Barbara Community Church, a church that has supported Sports Outreach for over 25 years.  They gave an update of how things are going in Uganda and had time to share with people after the services.  After church it was time to relax; everyone headed back to the Popp house and enjoyed lunch, sunshine and fellowship together.



Santa Barbara closed up with a great dinner with a few close friends and then packing and early to bed.  We will leave bright and early for LA tomorrow to head to Clark Magnet School in Glendale and then onto LA to meet with Disney for an update on the movie.  Thank you Santa Barbara for a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, we hope to see you again soon!