Hello everyone,

It started early with a breakfast meeting with Beatriz Marinello, Vice President of FIDE, the world governing body for chess. During our visit we discussed ways in which Sports Outreach can partner with FIDE and other organizations that Beatriz represents. Tentative plans were made to send chess tutors to train as well as some very much needed curriculum materials. Thankfully she is also very much interested in education and will follow up with Rodney concerning funds for the Popp scholarship recipients who are part of the chess program!We have had another wonderful day in New York City!

After breakfast we were transported to the ABC News offices for an interview and taping. It seems that somehow Phiona will be the “Person of the Week’ on a broadcast by Diane Sawyer. They think it will be this Friday but indicated it might also be next week if the taping and editing they need to do may take some time. This was quite interesting as we were surrounded by equipment in a small room with a film crew and correspondent.

After some time there we were placed in yellow taxis and carried to Times Square. Although it was cold, the sun was shinning and there were many, many people there.  The film crew was also there and a table with chess set was provided. Robert played me in a small game to get people interested – many stopped to take pictures and ask Rodney and Amanda about who are these people and what is this book you have. For some time I played games against people who were willing and it was fun but not so challenging as I first feared.
Once finished here we went down to the harbor and got some different views of the city and some of the attractions.

At 4:00 pm some new friends from the Women in the World Summit staff, Laura and Julie, took Amanda and I shopping. They also presented me with a very nice warm coat in addition to the clothes they purchased for me.  It was very nice, On the way back from shopping we visited the auditorium at Lincoln Center where the Summit is being held. They had me go on the stage and see some of the preparations – so much going on but now I am not so nervous as I know the place and have friends who are hosting the event.

For the evening we went to my first cinema – a big screen called IMAX and saw a 3D movie called “Jack the Giant Slayer!” It was fun and very exciting to see a movie where it looked like the people were coming from the screen into my chair.

In the movie a princess says that when she becomes queen she will be able to help others – I hope God will continue to use me to help others.

Please pray that God will continue to look after us and give us strength to do well at the Summit tomorrow. God bless you!


Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi are in the U.S. to speak at the Women in the World Summit on Friday, April 5th.  While they are in America they will be blogging and sharing pictures of their experience.  Learn more about Phiona and her involvement in SOI ministry through the featured project page on our website.