Today, we made our way to Seattle for several Chess events over the next few days.  We started with meeting Wendi Fischer and Kathi Cirar with America’s Foundation for Chess at Bryant Elementary School for Montessori in Tacoma, WA.  Wendi and Kathi run a program, “First Move” that teaches 2nd and 3rd graders chess in school, they created several chess lessons into great interactive videos that make it so simple for teachers.  In fact, the teacher doesn’t need any prior knowledge to play, they can learn along with the kids!



Bryant Elementary is involved with this program and they were so excited to have Robert and Phiona come to share with the chess students.  Principal Lindsay-Brown was amazing, she welcomed us right in and stayed with us the entire time.  After Robert and Phiona spoke to the group, they had a Q&A where the kids could ask her anything, from what’s your best strategy in chess to her favorite color! Afterwards they were able to go to a smaller group and participate in a chess lesson!  They showed a lesson from First Move and then Robert played and taught several students, while Phiona played 3 rounds of chess playing 3 students at a time each round.  Robert and Phiona love working and teaching the children so this was a great break in their schedule.




After leaving Bryant Elementary we headed to lunch at The Ram Restaurant where we were all able to relax by the water for an hour.  Then, off to the next school, Manitou Park Elementary which was also in Tacoma.  This school had a group of 6-8 classes of students who have been participating in First Move as well.  Robert and Phiona were able to speak and share with these children and also have a great Q&A.


Now its time to relax until the morning where they will have the opportunity to share at two more schools and the Seattle Rotary Club, the biggest Rotary Club in the world! Please check back to our Photos page for more pictures.

And you can read the article about our visit in the Tacoma News Tribune.